Nowadays, machine translations are used more and more when translating a text into another language to ensure this happens as quickly and cheaply as possible. The resulting product can be read in the column on the right. The fact is, translating is a profession, which requires knowledge, experience and competence. To be able to guarantee a high level of translation, I only translate English texts, because I have reached a level of proficiency in this language that enables me to assert that all subtleties of the source text are understood. Moreover, I only translate into Dutch, my native language, since this is the only possible way to certify that the target text is perfect with regard to orthography and grammar, but also style and wording. Using this approach, I try to deliver the best possible translation in close consultation with the client.

In addition to translating, I also offer editing and proofreading services.

Nowadays it is more and more used of machine translations to translate a text this way fast and cheap possible to another language. What however produces this, can you read in the right column. Is translate, as it happens, a profession, for which knowledge, experience and skill necessary are. To guarantee high vertaalniveau, I translate only from English, because I have reached a such level in that language that I can state that all subtleties of the source text are understood. Moreover I translate only to Dutch, my mother language, because you can guarantee only then that the aim text is perfectly in order concerning orthography and grammar, but also style and word choice. This way I try the best provide translation to contact with the constituent at each text in good.

To draw up and proofreads forms beside to translate also a component of my service parcel.